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AI for Sustainable Societies


In response to the rapid emergence of AI technologies and the increasing need for sustainable solutions, the AI for Sustainable Societies Initiative (AI2S) at Prince Sultan University is a pioneering initiative that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the principles of sustainability to create innovative, resilient, and thriving societies. By focusing on interdisciplinary research, high-quality education, and fostering innovation, AI2S addresses complex global challenges and enhances human well-being while promoting ethical and responsible AI development. Through research grants, collaborations with industry and academia, and integrating sustainability concepts into AI education, AI2S aims to position Prince Sultan University as a leading institution in AI-driven solutions for sustainable societies.


AI2S envisions AI as a catalyst for sustainable, thriving societies.


AI2S advances AI solutions for sustainability, well-being, and responsible growth.


  • Foster interdisciplinary research collaborations to address sustainability challenges through AI-driven solutions.
  • Develop and support high-quality educational programs integrating AI and sustainability concepts, preparing the next generation of AI leaders and innovators.
  • Cultivate partnerships with industry, government, and non-profit organizations to drive innovative AI applications for sustainable societies.
  • Offer research grants that focus on AI-driven sustainable solutions, supporting both academic and applied research projects.
  • Promote a culture of ethical and responsible AI development, emphasizing transparency, fairness, and inclusivity.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of AI2S research findings and innovations through conferences, workshops, and publications, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration.



Commitment to integrating social, economic, and environmental dimensions in AI research, education, and innovation, ensuring long-term societal benefits.

Ethics and Responsibility

Emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations, transparency, and accountability in the development and application of AI technologies.


Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, educators, students, and partners to drive innovative and effective AI solutions for sustainable societies.


Striving for the highest quality in research, education, and innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of AI knowledge and applications.


Focus on creating meaningful and positive societal impacts, addressing real-world sustainability challenges through AI-driven solutions.

Research Axes

The AI2S initiative focuses on several research axes to address sustainability challenges through AI-driven solutions:

  • Sustainable Smart Cities: Developing AI technologies to optimize urban planning, transportation, public safety, energy management, and waste reduction for more sustainable and livable cities.
  • Climate and Environment: Leveraging AI to analyze and model climate change, predict natural disasters, and develop strategies for environmental conservation and resource management. Also, Utilizing AI to improve crop yield predictions, optimize irrigation systems, reduce food waste, and ensure food security in the face of a growing global population.
  • Sustainable Healthcare: Applying AI techniques to improve healthcare accessibility, optimize resource allocation, and support the development of personalized and preventive care models.
  • Ethical and Responsible AI: Investigating ethical considerations, fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI systems, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed responsibly.
  • Circular Economy and Waste Management: Harnessing AI to optimize resource utilization, minimize waste generation, and support the transition to a circular economy.
  • AI for Social Good: Exploring the use of AI to address social challenges, such as poverty, inequality, and access to education, to foster more inclusive and resilient societies.
  • AI in Business Administration: Investigating the use of AI for optimizing supply chain management, financial analysis, human resource management, and strategic decision-making in sustainable business practices.
  • AI in Law and Policy: Examining the legal and regulatory implications of AI technologies, as well as developing AI-driven tools for legal research, contract analysis, and dispute resolution, with a focus on sustainability and ethics.
  • AI in Humanities: Exploring the impact of AI on culture, arts, and literature, as well as utilizing AI tools for historical analysis, linguistic studies, and preservation of cultural heritage, while considering ethical and social implications.
  • AI in Education: Leveraging AI to enhance personalized learning, adaptive assessment, and accessibility, promoting sustainable education models and bridging the digital divide.
  • AI in Natural Sciences: Employing AI to accelerate scientific discoveries, analyze complex data, and support hypothesis generation in fields such as physics, chemistry, and biology, focusing on sustainable development.
  • AI in Social Sciences: Utilizing AI to understand human behavior, decision-making, and social dynamics in the context of sustainable societies while addressing ethical and fairness considerations.

These research axes will guide AI2S in developing AI solutions that drive sustainability, well-being, and responsible growth, positioning Prince Sultan University at the forefront of AI-driven sustainability research.

Promoting AI2S Research at PSU

Research Grants and Funding
Establish dedicated research grants and funding programs to support AI2S-related projects, encouraging researchers to explore AI-driven sustainability solutions.
Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations
Foster a collaborative environment by connecting researchers from different fields to work on AI2S projects, encouraging interdisciplinary problem-solving and innovation.
Workshops and Seminars
Organize workshops and seminars featuring prominent AI and sustainability experts, providing opportunities for researchers to learn about the latest developments, share ideas, and network with their peers.
Lab and Research Infrastructure
Develop state-of-the-art facilities and resources that support AI2S research, providing researchers with the necessary tools and environment to carry out their work effectively.
Faculty Recruitment
Attract and hire faculty members with expertise in AI, sustainability, and related fields, strengthening the university's research capabilities and fostering a community of experts.
Recognition and Awards
Establish awards and recognitions for outstanding AI2S research achievements, acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of researchers to the field.
Research Partnerships
Cultivate collaborations with industry, government, and non-profit organizations to provide researchers with access to real-world problems, data, and resources, driving innovation in AI applications for sustainable societies.
Support for Early-Career Researchers
Provide mentoring, professional development opportunities, and networking events for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working on AI2S-related projects, nurturing the next generation of researchers in this field.
Dissemination and Visibility
Encourage researchers to publish their AI2S research findings in top-tier conferences and journals and promote their work through various channels to increase visibility and impact.
Flexible Research Agenda
Allow researchers the freedom to explore new ideas and directions in their AI2S projects, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.

By implementing these actions, PSU can create an environment that encourages and supports researchers to actively engage in the AI2S initiative, ultimately driving the development of AI-driven solutions for sustainable societies.

Integrating AI2S Education Across PSU Colleges

To involve all six colleges at Prince Sultan University (PSU) in the AI2S initiative, educational actions can be tailored to each college's specific domain while fostering interdisciplinary collaboration:

College of Computer and Information Sciences:

  • Develop AI and sustainability-focused courses, programs, and electives.
  • Integrate sustainability concepts into existing AI and computer science curricula.
  • Encourage student projects that align with the AI2S research axes.

College of Engineering:

  • Offer courses and workshops on AI applications in sustainable engineering practices.
  • Encourage collaboration between engineering and computer science students on interdisciplinary projects.
  • Promote research on AI-driven solutions for energy, transportation, and sustainable materials.

College of Business Administration:

  • Integrate AI and sustainability concepts into courses on management, finance, marketing, and supply chain management.
  • Offer workshops on the ethical and responsible use of AI in business practices.
  • Encourage case studies and student projects that explore AI's role in sustainable business models.

College of Architecture and Design:

  • Offer courses on AI-driven tools and methodologies for sustainable urban planning, building design, and construction.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary projects that combine AI, architecture, and sustainability.
  • Organize design competitions and exhibitions showcasing AI-driven sustainable design solutions.

College of Law:

  • Develop courses and workshops on the legal, ethical, and policy implications of AI and sustainability.
  • Encourage research on the intersection of AI, law, and sustainable societies.
  • Collaborate with other colleges to organize interdisciplinary events addressing AI's role in legal and regulatory frameworks related to sustainability.

College of Humanities and Sciences:

  • Offer courses on the societal, cultural, and ethical implications of AI and its applications in sustainable societies.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research projects that explore AI's impact on humanities and social sciences.
  • Organize events that bring together researchers from humanities, sciences, and AI to discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainable societies.

By implementing these educational actions, PSU can effectively involve all six colleges in the AI2S initiative, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and enriching the learning experience for students across various disciplines.

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Chat with your personal AI assistant at Research and Initiative Center

How can I apply for an incentive? How to apply for a seed project? What is the process for attending conferences? What are the eligible journals?