Objectives of Research Group/Lab

Creating research group/lab aims to:

  • Establish a solid infrastructure for scientific research through establishing research laboratories and centers.
  • Facilitate cooperation in conducting research with local and international research labs, research centers, industry, and business organizations.
  • Promote and encourage the commercialization of research conducted at PSU.
  • Improve the educational process through integrating research in the teaching and learning process provide research training opportunities for students.

Creating A Research Group/Lab

  • A group of researchers apply to the relevant department chair requesting the formation of a given research group/lab by filling the relevant form Research Group Application Form or Research Lab Proposal Form, the application will then be submitted to the College Research Committee (CRC) to be studied, and then recommendation of the CRC will be forwarded to the College Council which will forward it to the Research and Initiatives Center Committee (RICC) with a recommendation thereon.
  • The research group/lab leader must fill up the Research Labs/Groups Information after receiving the approval for his group/lab.
  • Note: It is suggested to refer to the Bylaws of Research Lab and Research Group.