In the last few years, Prince Sultan University has increasingly given research more attention and weight. This finally contributed to the establishment of the Research and Initiatives Center (RIC in short), in September 2017. Since then, the University has taken several brave decisions to promote research and has resulted in several new research programs and initiatives. First, the University adopted a decentralized strategy for research governance, giving colleges their financial independence and decision making about conference attendance, project proposal evaluation, research labs, to name a few. This change from the fully centralized research strategy to a decentralized one has radically improved the research productivity and increased the motivation of researchers. Besides, several research programs were established, allowing faculty members to invite top scholars as distinguished visiting professors, and also invite Ph.D. students from abroad for research internships of one to six months. These are just a sample of the initiatives that Prince Sultan University has made, and that resulted in a highly positive impact on the research environment. At PSU, we are very proud and enthusiastic about the achievements made in research, and we are working forward to reach the highest level of excellence in research in the near future. I also take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the efforts of the previous RIC Director Dr. Khaled Almustafa and his team for paving the way to a productive research environment and we do hope to continue this success.

Anis Koubaa
RIC Director