We would like to formally share information about the College Research Directors and Core Research Labs with you in the hopes that it will benefit you in your research activities. [College Research Directors] Effective from September 1, 2022, until August 31, 2023, the following faculty members are appointed as the College Research Director of their respective colleges: CCIS: Dr. Yasir Javed; CHS: Dr. Elham Dannoun; CE: Dr. Basel Sultan; CBA: Prof. Izani Ibrahim; CAD: Dr. Wafa Labib; CL: Dr. Shafiqul Hassan. The role of the CRDs is to act as a bridge between RIC and faculty members. Therefore, faculty members should reach out to the aforementioned CRDs of their respective colleges for any research-related queries and requests. [Core Research Labs] As of today, RIC has established 18 multi-disciplinary research labs and groups spanning the six colleges of PSU. Please refer to the document attached to this email to view all of our Core Research Labs. For details about a lab, click on the logo to be directed to their website. You will find our contact information in the file as well.

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