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Research Assistant


Lab Leader/Group Leader


The Research Assistant/Engineer primarily supports the research lab/group which he is assigned to and helps in conducting its research activities. It is hired by the research lab/group leader in coordination with the Dean of the college under which the lab is affiliated through the University to assist in carrying out a particular research agenda. The Research Assistant/Engineer should not be involved in heavy administrative work not related to the research activities of his underlying research lab. The Research Assistant may be involved in teaching one course per semester. The Research Assistant should report to his supervisor (Research Lab/Group Leader).


Qualification Must have a Master Degree Must have a Bachelor Degree
Duties Research and Development Mostly Development Tasks
Publications Should publish publications as the first author Does not require to publish as a first author
Outcomes 2 publications at least per year No publication requirement,
Software and Hardware development
Teaching Typically does not teach,
but can be requested to teach
one course in coordination with the lab leader
Is not allowed to teach


  • The RA for a research lab/group is recruited in coordination between the supervisor of the research lab, the Dean of the college and the CRC Director. He must be interviewed by the supervisor, with either the Dean or the CRC Director or both together.
  • He must have the skills and knowledge required to undertake the research works and activities of the research lab.
  • The Lab leader should write a justification on how the RA meets the research objectives of the lab and should provide a prospective research plan for the RA.
  • The RA must be evaluated in terms of the following skills:
    • Communication.
    • Personal skills.
    • Technical skills and knowledge in his area of expertise.
    • Matching between RA skills and research lab activities and objectives.
    • Critical thinking.
    • Previous experience and expertise.


  • No teaching load.
  • Can be assigned a course with the coordination with the lab leader as a part-timer.


The duties of a Research Assistant/Engineer include, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  1. Research
    • Follow research activities directions of his supervisor.
    • Conduct a literature review and related works analysis.
    • Contribute to writing research papers with the team members of the research lab.
    • Develop research ideas and contributions.
    • Attend conferences/seminars to present research papers of team members whenever appropriate.
    • Conduct field experiments, simulations in relation to research activities of the lab.
    • Collect and analyze data needed for research.
    • Contribute to the development of funded research proposals.
    • Provide training programs for students and community.
  2. Research Management
    • Participate in the organization of research events of the research lab.
    • Manage and respond to project/lab related emails.
    • Prepare, update, and maintain research lab website.
    • Monitor the lab budget, financial reports.
    • Purchase and follow-up with online orders and equipment.
    • Write Lab technical reports (e.g. annual report).
    • Provide assistance to research undergraduate students in the research lab.
    • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
  3. Other Rules
    • The Research Assistant may be requested to teach one course per semester (4 hours/week), preferably related to his research activities.
    • Any task assigned to the RA should be coordinated through his supervisor (research lab leader which he is assigned to).
    • The Research Assistant must work 8 hours a day in the office from 8:00 am. Fingerprinting should be applied to RAs.
    • In case RA does not perform well as required, his supervisor should report the situation to CRC Director and/or Dean of the College.


  • The vacation of the postdoc researcher is 45 days in the summer.
  • They have 3 days of vacations for the week of inter-semester.


The Research Assistant must be evaluated by his supervisor. The evaluation is based on the following criteria (could be discussed):

  • Regularity and attendance.
  • Number of research publications.
  • Software developed.
  • Involvement in project.
  • The number of training conducted or organized.
  • Other metrics to be defined.

The RA must write an Annual Activity Report according to a predefined template (to be defined) in which he presents his activities. The Activity report will be used by the supervisor for his evaluation.