This page provides information about the process of the evaluation of researchers at Prince Sultan University.

Annual Activity Report

First, every researcher has to complete an annual activity report provides details about his accomplishement during the academic year.

It is a three-step process:

  • Fill in the Annual Researcher Activity Report as per your joining program.
  • The researcher should submit his filled Annual Researcher Activity Report through the following Google Form, where he provid all required information.
  • Send the same Annual Researcher Activity Report to his supervisor.

Finally, the reports will be forwarded to the rector office for review and recommendations.

Annual Researcher Evaluation Form

This Annual Researcher Evaluation Form has to be completed by the Direct Supervisor of the Researcher, who should be mainly the lab/group leader.

There are different types of evaluation Forms, depending on the position of the researcher:

The supervisor must complete the form, then sent it to the researcher for comments and signature, and then sent it to the college’s dean for approval and signature. After that, the form has to be submitted by the supervisor to RIC through this Researcher Evaluation Submission online form.

Finally, RIC will forward the forms to the rector’s office for review and recommendations.