RIC Services

RIC Services

At the Research and Initiatives Center (RIC) at Prince Sultan University, we are committed to fostering a conducive environment for research, innovation, and development. As part of our commitment to enhance capacity and enrich the research ecosystem, we offer an array of essential services designed to support researchers, institutions, and the wider community. Our services have been meticulously designed and structured to deliver maximum value and impact.

Training and Consultation are the cornerstones of our services, aimed at nurturing skillsets, bridging knowledge gaps, and creating a vibrant, productive, and informed research community.


RIC's Training services are designed to empower individuals and groups with the tools, skills, and understanding necessary to conduct impactful research. We provide specialized training sessions on a multitude of research areas, methodologies, and technologies. Whether you are a novice researcher or an experienced scholar looking to enhance your skills, our training services are tailored to meet your needs.

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Our Consultation services provide expert guidance and support to individuals, groups, and institutions engaged in research activities. From the conception of a research idea to the final stages of project completion, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to provide insightful feedback, constructive critique, and strategic advice.

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Experience the enrichment of research potential through RIC's robust services. We invite you to explore our services further and encourage you to reach out to us for any additional inquiries. Together, we can shape the future of research and innovation.

Training Coordinator

Mr. Mohammed Jamal Abdelal


+966 (0) 11 494-8529