Prince Sultan University also offer the research lab and group leader to invite visiting students who are pursuing their PhD studies in other University abroad. The visiting student may come in the context of a research internship of a period spanning from one to six months. It is recommended that the PhD student is in last two years of his PhD and he made a noticeable progress.


The college dean or research lab/group leader post an announcement for a visiting PhD student internship for a specific research area of interest.

It is important to clearly specify the target research profile of the candidate that fits the scope of its related research thrust.

The visiting PhD student candidate sends his CV and his project proposal (using this project proposal template) for the period of the internship to the college dean/research lab leader.

Once applications are received, they are short-listed, and relevant candidates are contacted for an interview.

After the interview, the college dean and/or research lab leader write a report stating their recommendation about the candidate with justifications in case of recommendation of his acceptance.

The report is submitted to the Research and Initiative Center (RIC) then raised to the rector's office for his final approval.


  • Conduct research under the supervision of research lab leader.
  • Publish in top ranked journals and conferences.
  • Give seminars and trainings.


Prince Sultan University provideS the following benefits to the candidate:

  • A Monthly Salary between 3000 to 5000 SAR depending on the skills and CV of the candidate.
  • A Hosting and Transportation.
  • Pay publication fees in open access journals (only Q1, Q2).
  • The offer only covers the candidate as single without companions.


The researchers are requested to send a progress report on a regular basis upon the request of the rector office. They are required to fill in the Activity Report of PSU Researchers.


The evaluation of the visiting PhD student should be based on an activity report, but there are some minimum expected outcomes that he has to fulfill. The expected deliverable for a visiting PhD student is at least 1 Scopus journal paper.